Group Benefits


Investing in your employees through a group benefit plan can provide many advantages.

  • Increase productivity and employee morale
  • Attract and retain good employees to minimize turnover
  • Employees have access to insurance at a reduced cost compared to most individual insurance plans
  • Employees can access benefits without having to be medically approved for coverage
  • Premium may be a tax-deductible business expense
  • Employee satisfaction from on-line services and electronic claim payment

Our Approach

Unparalleled Service

Each member of our team dedicates themselves to provide industry-leading service to our business owner clients and their employees to have the best possible experience with an employee benefits plan.

Client Focused

No business is created equal and at FDG Inc. we recognize each business owner will require different needs in a benefit plan. In working with both small and large businesses, we help owners and administrators come up with the most efficient plans that maximize cost, benefit, and employee satisfaction.

Solutions that fit your needs

Our detailed approach helps to determine the needs of your company benefit plan. While a simple insurance-based plan will work for some, others will require more flexibility and /or a combination of insurance and health spending accounts.

Benefit Plan Options

Life, Disability, Critical Illness

When a serious illness, disease, or accident strikes, financial security is the foundation for most people. Employees gain peace of mind being protected from this type of risk. Many times, these benefits operate as the backbone of a group benefit plan.

Extended Health and Prescription Drugs

Extended health benefits provide protection against the high cost of medical services and treatments not covered by the province's health care plan. Prescription drugs, Diabetic supplies, Paramedical services (Massage Therapist, Physio, Chiro, etc.), other medical services and out of country travel insurance are all included in these benefits.

Dental and Vision

As the provincial healthcare plan does not cover dental or vision care services, coverage for these benefits certainly adds value to plan members who need these type of coverages for themselves and their family.

Health and Wellness Spending Accounts

An innovative way to complement your group benefit plan as it is enables employees to pay for medical, dental and vision care expenses not otherwise covered by the benefit plan. A health spending account can achieve this on a non-taxable basis for the employee while the wellness account provides coverage for things like gym memberships, fitness equipment and other eligible expenses which are covered on taxable basis to the employee.

Employee Wellness Program

An employee and family assistance program can be added onto any benefit plan to provide employees access to counsellors who can aid during troubled times in many different areas regarding workplace stress, family and marital problems, substance abuse, legal and financial concerns.

International Benefits

Outside of Canada

If your company is branching outside of Canada and will have employees who are U.S residents or working temporarily in the US or in other countries, coverage options can be provided on a group basis.  

Within Canada

This type of Coverage can be provided for employees who are new to Canada and not yet eligible for provincial healthcare benefit coverage.

Group Retirement Services

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (Group RRSP)

A program set up for employees to easily contribute to an RRSP plan on a group basis which usually has lower fees and provides ease of access to plan members.

Pension Plans

Geared towards larger companies, a plan which a portion of an employee’s income is contributed into a pool where retirement income can be drawn from.

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