Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Help protect yourself and your family

Your ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset. Could you meet your daily financial needs if you were unable to work? How would your family cope?

We offer a variety of personal disability insurance plans designed to provide an income if you become disabled. Through a variety of optional benefit riders, we can tailor each plan to meet the needs of employees, business owners, professionals and individuals whose occupations or work situations make it challenging to obtain coverage.

Help protect your business

Could your business survive if you were disabled, or would you be forced to sell your business or take other measures to meet your financial obligations? Our overhead expense plans help cover business expenses (such as utilities, rent, salaries and property taxes) while you are disabled.

Plan for your business succession

If you operate a business with one or more partners, you contribute to its growth and share in its success. Consider how a disabled partner can affect your business through:

  • Lost productivity and profits
  • Pressure from creditors
  • Damage to supplier or client relationships
  • Funding a buy-sell agreement

Partner Buy-Out coverage can provide you with funds to help purchase a disabled partner’s share of the business.

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