Benefits of Segregated Fund Policies

Benefits of Segregated Fund Policies

Put the benefits of segregated fund policies to work for you.

Lifetime income benefit option

Take control of your retirement and income by guaranteeing your income for life. With the lifetime income benefit option, your income won’t decrease regardless of how the segregated funds perform unless excess withdrawals are taken. You get protection against the risk of outliving your money, market volatility and inflation.

You can choose to receive guaranteed income for life on selected policies—contact your financial advisor to find out more.  

Death benefit and maturity guarantees

Segregated fund policies protect part or all of your capital investment. They offer two types of capital guarantees—death and maturity guarantees.

Estate bypass

When you designate a beneficiary, the value of your segregated fund policies flow directly to him or her. In most cases, it bypasses the estate and potential probate fees.

Potential creditor protection

Laws may protect a segregated fund policy in the event of bankruptcy or other action by creditors. It’s important to note that potential creditor protection depends on court decisions, which can be subject to change and can vary for each province. This protection cannot be guaranteed.

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